A mindful January
Hi everyone,
We hope you're kicking off 2024 feeling relatively refreshed, and ready to face the new year with intention and purpose.
While there is much noise right now about New Year's resolutions, here at The One Six we're encouraging a slower, more mindful start.
During January, we're taking the time to think about the bigger picture: creating mood boards, journalling key goals or themes, and digesting material such as art that sparks curiosity.
Spending this time ushering in new energy, conscious intentions, and a positive mindset can help ensure we don't lose sight of being mindful and acting with intention in the months ahead - well, we hope :)
We've been re-reading one of our favourite sustainable fashion reads, Lucianne Tonti's 'Sundressed', journalling, and exploring the always insightful recommendations of sustainability experts Clothes Minded, author and podcaster Clare Press, and connecting with some of our favourite style-makers @ashgrats and @laurenburns (click to view links).
Despite the noise online from ongoing sales, we encourage you to first take a good look through your wardrobe with 'quality over quantity' top of mind. You might choose to discard an item no longer serving you, or invest in a special, high quality piece you've had your eye on that you know will last and become a regular go-to.
Perhaps you need to look for something to fill a wardrobe gap - such as the ultimate t-shirt all rounder, or an effortless pair of drapey, high quality pants. Whether it's a capsule wardrobe, a 'uniform' approach or the creation of your no-brainer work wardrobe, you might find that one of our Essentials fits the bill - or not :)

As always, peruse mindfully and consume consciously. And if we can help answer any questions, please reach out - we'd love to help.
Until next time x
The One Six team