Our responsibility to both people & planet

I firmly believe in The One Six’ responsibility to minimise impact on the environment, as much as possible.

This is why we invest in developing sustainable and responsible business practices, and evolving these as we grow and learn.

Read on to learn more about our approach to sourcing fabrics and working with local manufacturers.

-Shiv, One Six Founder & Director


We prioritise the use of ‘designer deadstock’ fabrics, natural fibres and certified/organic materials. Deadstock fabric is end-of-line, surplus and remnant fabric that can’t be used for its original purpose. It might come from designer brands who ordered too much fabric or from mills producing incorrect colours.This fabric, if not used, often ends up in landfill.

Primarily, we source deadstock locally and prioritise fabrics that originated in Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand, as that’s where we’ve found the highest quality and flawless fabrications.

When sourcing new (non-deadstock) fabric, we only buy fabrics with certifications such as the OEKO-TEX certified European flax linen used in our Essentials range. Being a natural fibre, linen is also biodegradable ensuring minimal end of life impact. Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) wool will be a feature of our 2024 collections. Having worked with a wide range of fabrics for decades, I hand-pick and select all fabrics myself with a keen eye for quality, detail and unique textures.


Design, refine, create, wear-test, further refine, finalise and produce. Sometimes, on repeat. This is we curate a luxury, essential wardrobe where each piece is thoughtfully designed and perfected for the wearer’s everyday ease, and for perennial wear.

Working directly with small makers locally in Sydney, who are themselves experts in their field and industry-renowned, allows us the flexibility to continuously implement design and manufacturing improvements along the garment’s lifecycle.

I am dedicated to keeping manufacturing onshore, in Australia, to support the local industry, fellow small businesses and the economy. With so many Australian brands produced offshore, sometimes in un-ethical conditions and without adhering to responsible standards - adding to poverty across the world - I feel strongly that being locally made is better for people and planet.

At the same time, this delivers the One Six muse better quality and more unique offerings, produced under responsible and ethical conditions - to feel good in, and to feel good about, wearing.

If you ever have any questions about our approach, please email us at customercare@theonesix.com.au