Environmental sustainability & social responsibility

Central to The One Six ethos is a focus on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and local craftsmanship - in order to leave a better future for the generations to come.

Always inspired by our local surroundings, the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, we design thoughtfully and consciously - with both people and planet top of mind.

We align our business practices with many of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, including:

// 10. Reduce Inequalities,

// 12. Responsible Consumption and Production,

// 13. Climate Action,

// 14. Life Below Water, and

// 15. Life on Land.

Put simply, our sustainability and responsibility strategy focuses on five key areas - our five R’s.


// Producing a desirable, quality product while protecting and caring for our planet

// Using sustainable fabrications with credible ethical and environmental certifications

// Producing small quantities, and utilising thoughtful design - designing for minimal waste, durability and circularity

// Transparency and traceability of our supply chain

// Future circularity initiatives - (to come)

// Local craftsmanship, working with Australian manufacturers and suppliers who we know and trust, and who share our values

// Fair working conditions and wages

// Where timelines allow, working with social enterprises and other ‘for good’ businesses

Reduce Impact

// Working hard to reduce the impact that our processes and materials have on the environment.

// Making the majority of our pieces from responsibly produced natural fibres, including GOTS certified cotton, Merino wool and European flax linen. These will biodegrade into the earth over time.

// Where other fabrics are used, such as viscose for lining, these are deadstock fabrics meaning we are using an existing material that has been overproduced or over-ordered globally - therefore saving it from landfill.

// Some trims such as small buttons may not, at this stage of our existence, be fully environmentally friendly however improvements in this area are already in the works.

// To even further reduce impact, producing items slowly and in very small quantities. Focusing on exclusive, limited edition pieces, to further encourage our customers to invest in longevity and embrace a quality over quantity mindset.

// Providing ongoing sustainability education to customers

Rewear, Resell, Repair, Recycle

// Our philosophy for timeless dressing challenges us all to invest in quality and make more conscious decisions, avoiding mindless consumption at all costs. We believe doing this will bring our wardrobes more value, meaning, ease and longevity. We hope that our pieces will be worn time and time again, for the good of future generations.

// If you do choose to discard of your piece, given many of our items are made with 100% natural fibres they can be recycled or, even if they do end up in landfill, they will biodegrade over time. However, we recommend you always look at repairing or reselling an item before donating it to charity/op shops - who are inundated with clothing and then forced to put into landfill an immense amount of clothing.

// In the future we hope to offer a repairs service and eventually the ability to resell second hand one six pieces through our platforms.

Rethinking Design

“The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. rather, the idea is the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea.” - Paul Rand.

// Our design principles utilise empathetic design, to find solutions to problems faced by women everyday - such as ‘decision fatigue’, a challenge faced by all women and the one upon which The One Six is founded.

// As an all female team, we strive to create clothes that women not only want, but that they find effortless. Pieces that make them feel amazing and become memorable in the fabric of their lives.


// Our philosophy for timeless dressing challenges women to reduce the clutter (both physical and mental) of mindless consumption.

// By eliminating the clutter, we invite women everywhere to improve and reconnect to their every day, connect to nature and educate themselves about the impact fashion has on our planet. Questioning everything we buy, and rewiring our relationships with the clothes we wear.

// Investing in quality and making conscious decisions will bring our day to day wardrobes more ease, value, meaning and longevity.

It's an ongoing journey

As a small, independent label with the ultimate goal of circularity, right now we are in our infancy and certainly not perfect. As we grow, we will continue finding solutions, learning more and taking steps to evolve our processes and innovations.

Transparency is one of our core values, so if you ever have any questions on our approach please reach out.